Wedding + Lifestyle + Travel Photographer based on St John,
U.S. Virgin Islands. 

I live on the tiny island of St John with my bearded love, Ivan and our fluffy fox-dog, the Monster. I'm most inspired by adventure, music, the day-to-day totally normal moments in life. A real sap for a good love story. My favorite kind of photographs are the ones that capture raw emotion and have the power to unlock the joy or even sadness long after they were made.

During hurricane season (August-October) you'll find me in my childhood home town on the Coast of Maine eating lobster rolls. Or in Vermont hoarding maple candy and enjoying the most delicious micro-brews on Earth. 



Cancun, Mexico • January 18-25

Atlanta, Georgia • April 3-10

Charlottesville, Virginia • May 25-30

Maine • August 25 - September 27

Vermont • September 28 - October 9

Los Angeles, California • October 13 - 16

Portland, Oregon • October 16 - November 9