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Welcome to my brand new photography blog.

Starting a new blog was not something I had ultimately planned to do this year or even next year. I loved what I had, but sadly its disappeared into one of the dusty corners of the interweb, and so now it's time to start fresh. Here we go! 

A blog to me as a photographer serves as a powerful tool in a many ways. For clients, it is an opportunity to share a preview of their session with friends and family online. For the photographer, it is a perfect go-to for anyone to have a look at the latest work. 

As I write this post there are two empty suitcases waiting for me to stuff my life into. Ivan and I fly back to Portland, Oregon to enjoy the summer months in the States, eat all the organic, no processed foods we can before we return to this tiny town in the Caribbean Sea in September for season two. 


Trunk Bay, St John USVI