Growing up and living on the Coast of Maine means fog is not a big deal, during the beautiful summer months it's often floating low in the morning and melts away by noon.

Last Wednesday evening as I drove along the winding road passing the tall grassy salt marshes a dense fog greeted me, and had a plan to mask the sunset. My initial reaction was disappointment, followed by doubt and nervousness. I know how to drive in fog, I've survived a couple scary boat rides home in fog, but never had I photographed a family session in fog. I pulled into a spot at the parking lot of Percy's Store, grabbed a cup of lobster bisque and consulted google on how other photographers have fared in foggy situations.  

The best advice I found was to use what I already know about light. Fog is much like a day of overcast, light is not coming from a single source (the sun). it is diffused and bouncing everywhere. The light meter on a hand held device or within the camera can not read fog, it is most accurate to take a read from clothing or a close object. 

By the time Katie, Casey, and Colby arrived all doubts had melted away and I was excited to get shooting. I met Colby last year when he was a quick little crawler, just beginning to pull himself up to a standing position. Now he is nearly two years old and runs everywhere. I had the honor of capturing this mini Mainers very first bite of a whoopie pie. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!