This year we drove a new route from Burlington, Vermont through the Northeast Kingdom across Central Maine to the Coast. It was one of the most beautiful drives I have ever driven. We followed a two lane road over rolling green mountains, passing quaint farms with handfuls of horses, cows, and sheep grazing peacefully, crossed old bridges and slowed down to smile at the sweetest little New England homes.
Our first pass through Turner I was location scouting for either a perfect red barn or a beautiful open field for Amy, Desmond, and little Brooks' family session. I found so many amazing spots that we ended up spending an extra hour just exploring this the tiny Maine town. Just as we headed for the main road a small red barn caught my eye, behind it was a perfect grassy meadow. I pulled to the gravel shoulder of the road - perfect! The only issue was that it was someones home. A truck was parked in the driveway we couldn't possibly post up in their backyard and begin shooting photos. I drove on and decided to go along with one of the other spots for the shoot.
The morning of the shoot the sun became brighter and warmer than I had planned and I began to worry that the open field with no shady trees would be a terrible idea. I had 10 minutes to find a NEW perfect location that had shade. As I followed the same roads passing by the previously perfect spots now all filled with direct sun. I approached the red barn property and screeched to a halt, looked out at the green meadow sprinkled with tiny yellow dandelions, noticed a giant old tree that shaded a large area, then glanced down at the clock approaching 8:45am and wondered how inappropriate it would be to knock on the door for permission.   
Thank goodness they weren't sleeping!!
 Thank you so much sweet little Turner family for letting us play in your soft grassy meadow - it was perfect!