As a professional photographer you will never catch my camera set to "Automatic Mode," I read natural light and determine the settings I need to manually adjust in my camera to make the highest quality photograph of my ability.

My style is natural, organic, timeless - I don't use layers upon layers of post editing textures or filters. The photograph below labeled before is a sample of what the image of Noreen looked like raw straight from my camera. The after shows a touch of warmth, slight sharpening adjusted in Lightroom and a bit of "digital wet wipes" in photoshop for operation sand removal.

During lifestyle sessions with little ones it is far easier to let them just be. On this sunny beach day had I attempted to wipe Noreen's face one more time her sweet smile would have been a teary eyed frown. And photograph missed. It's part of my editing fun; drool, stains, boogers, and sand removed thanks to Photoshop.  

st john family photography_before+after_Savanah Loftus.jpg
AuthorSavanah Loftus