1. Before you even reach the airport and sign on to your caribbean vacation think about the story you want to tell, and the details you'll want to remember. When shooting on vacation there are three categories I keep in mind: wide opens spaces, details, and people. Also while having a fancy new camera is great, my iphone/instagram is also with me and has captured most of our travels.


2. Wide open spaces are the photos that tell the narrative of where you were what it looked like. This could be Trunk Bay from the view point on North Shore road, Salt Pond beach from the Ram Head Trail or the view from your beautiful St John Villa.

islands spirit_savanahloftusphotography-001.jpg

3. Details, small or large, they are the descriptive snap shots that make the story of your travels unique. I like to photograph local flowers, trees, food, and architecture. On St John there is so much life. On land you'll run across wild donkeys that roam free, hermit crabs scurrying across hiking trails, chickens run rampant through town. In the sea the turtles swim gracefully, tropical fish flutter in and around the coral, and sting rays play hide and seek in the sand.  


4. People it is important to take the time to photograph the people you are with, these shots are all that you'll have once the tan is gone, and time fades your memories.


5. Carry a camera bag that doesn't look like a camera bag. St John is very safe, but it is still just smart to not be so obvious. Plus there are plenty available out there that look much better then a bulky, black typical camera bag. I love this, this, this, and this one. Sometimes I'll even wrap my camera in a scarf and carry it in my purse.

6. Always carry a spare charged battery and an extra memory card or two, the worst is to have an amazing moment missed because your battery is dead and you should never have to delete photos to make room for more. 

7. Use the magical rule of three, as a portrait photographer I don't always do this, but to compose a landscape photograph it is more visually appealing if you follow the rule.

8. Get in the shot. Don't make the mistake of taking a bunch of beautiful photographs of the island and then get home and realize you aren't in any of them.  Hire a professional. It has become increasingly more popular to hire a photographer on vacation. I've just partnered up with www.flytographer.com to offer visitors of St John beautiful photographs with everyone in them.