About Savanah


Capturing the raw emotion in each
and every moment...that is my soul’s work.


I believe photos have the power to unlock the joy, the sadness, the realness in a moment, long after that moment has passed. Working with couples and families who share my natural curiosity for the world and treasure what a photo holds is what I’ve been blessed to do for more than five years on the tiny island of St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands, the coast of Maine and around the world. Prior to making St. John home, I lived a full-throttle, fast-paced life in Los Angeles as a director at a well-known brand.  Five years and thousands of captured moments later, I know I’ve found my place when each trip away from our little island inspires aches to return to the smallness, peacefulness and magic.

When I’m not behind the lens, you’ll find me on an adventure with my bearded love, Ivan, and our fluffy fox-dog, the Monster, at the beach, walking through the forest, sailing on the sea. I’m equally inspired by big adventures and travel off the well-traveled path as I am by the ordinary, day-to-day moments: snuggling up with my pup and binge-watching TV or movies from bed. During hurricane season (August-November) find me in my childhood hometown on the coast of Maine eating lobster rolls and sipping the most delicious microbrews on Earth.



The Philosophy


It’s my honor and delight to capture the moments we hope will live forever. 


I believe in digging deep to uncover our vulnerabilities and shine light on our authentic selves. I believe in grabbing onto the tiniest ordinary moments and letting them become extraordinary as they guide us to feel more, be more, and live more. Inside the candid moments is where we discover our truest happiness and our most beautiful vulnerabilities -- in solitude with our partners; surrounded by our families; cozy in the comfort of our sanctuaries.

The love, the quirks, the imperfections that happen here are the sacred moments we must hold onto forever. A single photograph that captures the light blanketing those moments can harness the power to ignite laughter, inspire happiness, and instill feelings of nostalgia for that time in our lives when we felt pure joy, helping the feeling to carry on forever.