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1. Bench (book keeping) My first year, let’s be honest, first two years of business I felt completely lost when it came to book keeping, when tax time came I was overwhelmed with a fat stack of unorganized receipts and statements. Then I found my book keeping soul mate — Bench.co A team of really awesome, millennials, straight up number nerds. Everything is stored online and I do nearly nothing. They access my account statements and for cash expenses I snap a quick cell phone photo and upload to the phone app and it's immediately stored so there is no need for me to keep fat stacks of paper. A win for the trees! At the end of each month they organize and graph the heck out of my profit/loss and expenses, at anytime from my phone or computer I can log in to see an interactive statement. At the end of each year they deliver a beautifully designed financial package that I pass to my CPA. Making taxes are a breeze! To try em out they give you a free first month trial, get a free month for you and me by following this link: http://mbsy.co/ch7sn

2. Honeybook (calendar/contracts/proposals/invoicing + more) Once upon a time my workflow for client booking required much more of my time. I would email a PDF contract which was cumbersome and meant my clients would have to print, sign and scan it in or snail mail it back. I loved getting the snail mail, but it was really inefficient and when the volume of my business grew, this process became a problem. It also meant more paper storage chaos. When I finally took the plunge with Honeybook I was a desperate hot mess. I was assigned an account representative who literally created all of my contracts and pricing documents for me. Making the process seamless and easier than I ever could have imagined. Now my contact form on my website is directly linked to Honeybook, so when an inquiry comes in the potential client file is automatically created, my calendar is linked so if I am booked or already have an inquiry for the date a status alert pops up. My contracts are templates and all details populate automatically I just hit send. They collaborate with Stripe and payment reminders and alerts are also automatic. Automation means I get to walk my dog or go to the beach. Check out Honeybook and get 50% off when you use this link: http://share.honeybook.com/gbWP6

3. Squarespace (website) Simple. Beautiful, easy to use platform they host and sell domain names making it a one stop shop for your website and blog.

4. Google Suite (email sync) My patience for doing things the long way goes on forever, until I get a new phone and have all the email from the last year load in at once and have to hand delete it all. This is my latest tool I invested in last summer, a simple solution to email that syncs my iphone and imac and macbook pro and synced the online gmail. I use my domain (info@savanahloftus.com) but it's directed through Google (or something) their customer service is so spot on, I don't REALLY know what's happening it just works. When I delete or file a message on my phone it does it three times in all the other spots. Magic. Get 20% your first year follow this link: https://goo.gl/dCzegf 
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Savanah Loftus